“An eco-friendly world begins with healthy soil and clean water.”

– Cavin Pham, CEO –


Cisbay is a bioinnovation company that provides a platform of agricultural products and environmental water treatment solutions globally. Founded in the Silicon Valley, Cisbay embarks on a new global transformation dedicated to restoring soil health and solving the global water crisis.

Collaborating with scientists and researchers from several universities and research centers around the world, Cisbay delivers breakthrough technologies which will enhance food supply and precious water resources for future generations.

Our Vision

Protect and sustain Mother Earth by transforming the future of global farming.
Empower farmers to achieve higher yield and cleaner waterways to maximize productivity and profitability through bio-innovative microbial solutions.

– Jimmy Tay, EVP & Corporate Strategist –


We are dedicated with passion and innovations to create opportunities to change lives.
Cavin Pham

Cavin Pham

CEO & Co-Founder

Cavin Pham

Khanh Le

COO & Co-Founder

Cavin Pham

Jimmy Tay

EVP, Strategy & Corporate Development

Dr. Jimmie Keeton

Dr. Jimmie Keeton

Chief Scientific Officer

Cavin Pham

Dr. Cosme Guerrero

Plant and Soil Scientist

Cavin Pham

Lucas M. Keeton

VP, Research & Development

Cavin Pham

Bao Tran, J.D.

VP, IP & General Counsel

Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Jimmie Keeton Chief Scientific Officer

Susan Knudson, Ph.D.

Tzachi Samocha, Ph.D.

Donald Davis, Ph.D.

Hoang Nguyen, Ph.D.

Our Commitment

The value of experience, the strength of innovation to provide cutting-edge solutions for healthy soil, more sustainable agriculture and clean waterways for generations to come.

– Khanh Le, Chief Operating Officer –

Global Operation Members & Partners

Dat Nguyen
VP, Cisbay Vietnam

Demi Miller
Corporate Client Relations

Duong Pham
Design Director, Global

Elias Balderas
President, Cisbay Mexico

Efren Marcin
VP Sales, Cisbay Mexico

Francisco Bianco, Esq.
President, Cisbay Brasil

Fikri Alyandra
Agronomist & Manager, Indonesia

Gaspar Aguirre
Scientist, Cisbay Mexico

Jose Rodriguez
Support Manager, Global

Mark Andres, Captain USAF Ret.,
Regional Partner, Cisbay USA

Martin Jeffers
Arizona Regional Partner, Cisbay USA

Milton Williams
Mississippi Regional Partner, Cisbay USA

Uy Duc Nguyen
President, VBay Bio SJC (Vietnam)