Feeding a global population projected to reach nine billion people by 2050 is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. Cisbay is teaming with microbes for developing sustainable solutions to help meet this challenge.
“In my 40 years of agricultural and aquatic research, the science of bioremediation and the use of beneficial microbes, now truly opens a new frontier for human history. By utilizing nature’s microbes to naturally improve protein and plant production, Cisbay is at the forefront of this technology, helping feed the world in a new and sustainable way.”

Dr. Jimmie Keeton
Chief Scientific Officer


Every teaspoon of soil is home to billions of microbes.

Natural occurring microbes are what keep the soil alive. Through decades of research, we have successfully selected unique microbial profiles which help rejuvenate soil depleted of nutrients.

The science behind this is to create synergistic microbial communities to combat harmful bacteria and diseases in the soil through competitive exclusion.

Our accomplishments are just the beginning of the era of microbes and by continuing optimizing the microbial communities that live in, on and around the plants, will substantially reduce the need for chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.

Microbes are the New Fertilizers



Through years of field research and the use of microbiological techniques to isolate and apply different microbial strains and sub-profiles, we have successfully developed breakthrough products with astounding results.

Our proprietary technology is patented on microbial consortia technology, the fermentation process and the advanced encapsulation of high density microbe formulations.

The power of microbes!


Rejuvenate the soil with billions of beneficial microbes and apply advanced biotechnology to unlock the plant’s potential.
Improve the world’s water quality by naturally removing organic waste with microbial technology.