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Cisbay Global, a leader in microbial technology solutions, has developed a patented proprietary solution focusing on enhancing pecan quality and crop yields that guarantee highly favorable results for growers.

For the past three years, Cisbay has partnered with Arizona-based Farmers Investment Co. (FICO), the world’s largest grower and processor of top-quality pecans, to create solutions for safe and efficient fertilization uptake, plant hydration amplification, the obviation of soil diseases and robust nut-crop augmentation. The power and advantage of this partnership translated into a 20-percent yield increase on 250 acres during the first year of the program followed by a consistent yield increase on 650 acres in the second year. As a result, Cisbay’s microbial technology is now being used on 100 percent of FICO’s acreage.

This year we had some of our highest per acre yields in the AGN treated blocks. We applied it as a soil inoculant as part of a program to control cotton root rot and it kept the trees healthy all season. We are extremely happy with the results and will increase our AGN acreage this upcoming year.

Brian D., General Manager – FICO & Green Valley Pecan, Arizona

Additionally, the Cisbay treatment plots upshot on pecan root rot was encouraging. The company’s AGN microbial product helped to prevent root rot problems. Driscoll utilized the AGN to rebuild the microorganisms in the soil after inoculation with Rhyme, a potent fungicide, to suppress the root disease. Phymatotrichum root rot, also known as cotton root rot, primarily occurs in the southwestern United States and Mexico. The fungus economically impacts alfalfa, cotton, ornamental shrubs, fruit and nut trees and peanuts.

  • Higher NPK Conversion & Uptake

  • Improves Soil & Water Penetration

  • Helps Fight Soil Diseases

  • Larger Nuts & Higher Yield

  • Farmer Affordable & Increase Profit

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“It’s just wonderful to see the benefits of microbial technology provided to pecan growers and helping the industry at this crucial time, and having validation, trust, and partnership from top growers like FICO is just a blessing,”

Said Martin Jeffers, Cisbay Pecan Specialist

Cisbay Treated vs. Untreated Pecans

Cisbay Treated vs. Untreated Pecans

Green Valley Pecan Company

1625 E. Sahuarita Rd., Sahuarita, AZ 85629, USA

FICO has been a family-owned and operated business since 1937. Among its subsidiaries are Green Valley Pecan Company, a global supplier of pecans, the Pecan Store and Farmers Water Co., an Arizona water utility, and employs more than 300 people in three states.




The pecan industry is at a crossroads and facing many challenges; these include low domestic demand, storm recovery, tariffs, stored supply and competition with Mexican and South African crops. U.S. imports have been at record highs as many American growers are storing their pecans while waiting for a boost in price.

“We’re seeing this year (2018) one of our biggest yields, the main thing we’re seeing is nut size and retention,” said Brian Driscoll, FICO Farm Manager.

Daybreak Pecan Co.

4539 E Phillips Rd, Eloy, AZ 85131, USA

Cisbay offers clients a risk-free trial program that assists farmers with yield increases. Furthermore, program farmers are not held responsible for the tab if adverse yield outcomes prevail. In 2018, the program was implemented with the participation of 20 farmers elevating yields to an average of 20 percent. This year, the program has helped Cisbay successfully secure 5 percent of the pecan growers in the U.S. and is on pace to service 10-20 percent of the total pecan acreage in the next two years.

2018 we decided to try AGN microbes on 500 acres of our pecan tree fields, the results have been positive. Deeper water penetration, the trees look happier than they have been in the past 5 years. We observed better quality, better nut size from 62 nuts to 52 nuts per pound. 2017 was a stellar year for us and we increase production from 170,328 lbs of #1 quality to 390,223 lbs of #1 quality nuts in 264 acres. We had over 200,000 pounds more crops than we have ever had in 45 years old trees. Overall we are considering applying AGN and AGN LTE to all of our trees for 2019 crop.

Adam S., Plant Manager – Daybreak Pecan Co., Arizona