CISBAY’S Breakthrough Microbial Solution

Benefits Rice Farmers Worldwide

  • Cisbay demonstrates a 20% average yield increase on commerical rice/paddy fields in the US and worldwide
  • Crop quality and soil health improvement are measureable and repeatable
  • Ease application and adaptable to any farming method and acreage

San Jose, California, Sept. 19, 2019Cisbay Global, a leader in microbial technology solutions, has developed the means for enhancing rice quality and crop yields guaranteeing highly favorable results for growers.

Cisbay provides multiple benefits for rice farmers. The company’s product improves soil condition, break down organic matter, strengthen paddy roots, reduce the dependency of chemical fertilizer programs and on average double the number of rice tillers. It also augments micronutrient uptake resulting in a higher-quality crop and yield increase.

“This is a very good crop of rice, this variety did not yield this good last year, this is by far better than we’ve had in years past. This is by far the best rice I’ve ever cut in my 32 years of growing rice.”

Gaylon Reed – Batesville, Mississippi

Gaylon Reed farms in Batesville, Mississippi, United States has reaped the benefits of Cisbay’s solution. Reed, who farms on thousands of acres, said he has never seen the quality of his rice so high.

He said drastic changes occurred during his second crop year with Cisbay’s microbial tech product and he began introducing to it. Reed noted that his land was producing approximately 35 bushels per acre more with Cisbay’s AGN than when he wasn’t using the product.

Cisbay conducted a highly productive pilot program last year in the Mississippi Delta region.

Rice is the world’s most important crop feeding 3.5 billion of the world’s population. Global agriculture is facing major sustainability issues while tackling the challenge of increasing food supply. Land quality is being compromised due to over-farming and soil depletion, heavy rainfall escalation is delaying harvests, minimizing yields and diminishing profits. Effective and sustainable solutions are now more important than ever before.

Internationally, Cisbay has achieved thousands of successful rice trials with farmers distributing its product solution to top rice-producing countries like India, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Bali, and Indonesia.

“Being in the forefront and supporting our global operations, I had the opportunity to work with many rice farmers in different continents, multiple countries with different types of climate, soil conditions, farming practices, but one thing that I have seen repeatedly every time is the result of happy rice farmers when they use Cisbay’s microbial solution.”

Khanh Le, COO of Cisbay Global.

Rice farmers from Hieu Thuan Commune (Co-op) in Vinh Long, Viet Nam indicated that Cisbay’s microbial solution has helped paddy roots grow stronger and multiplied the number of shoots resulting in a 30-percent increase in yield. Rice farmers in India reported that the number of rice tillers on the treated plots was 18-20 versus 8-10 and boost in yield 23-28 percent.

Additionally, rice farmers from Ubud, Bali have shown significant results using AGN LTE on their field. The microbes have impressively facilitated the uptake of nutrients affecting a substantial yield spike above 35 percent. Similar findings of considerable yields and early harvest were also reported in the province of Belitung, Indonesia.


Healthy Soil produces Healthy Crops for Higher Yield, Quality & ROI

CISBAY AGN – Soil Rejuvenation

Application Benefits

  • Higher Crop Yield & Quality

  • Improves Soil & Plant Health

  • Break Down Organic Matter

  • Enhances Micronutrients & Uptake

  • Reduces Soil Disease Pressure

Restore Soil by Applying Advanced Beneficial Microbial Technology