Can I turn on my UV light during the process?2018-10-08T21:36:24-07:00

No. You want to turn off your UV light system as it will significantly decrease the microbe count, weakening the treatment and it’s effectiveness.  Turn off your UV light for at least three days; starting from the day you applied BioPond into your pond.

Can you over-treat when using BioPond?2018-10-08T21:35:52-07:00

It depends on the body size of your water.  For a body of water less than 10,000 gallons we recommend you use the noted dosage amount, as there could be a possibility of over-treatment.  If you are using this product for a small body of water, such as a Koi aquarium or small pond in your back yard, than you need to be cautious of overdoes.

Do I have to remove the Koi fish before using BioPond?2018-10-08T21:35:15-07:00

No. You will not have to remove or transport your Koi anywhere. All you will need to do is obtain a small bucket and mix with the needed dosage amount of BioPond. Once you have thoroughly mixed, pour mixture from the bucket back into the pond.

My fish are in a cow tank and it developed ‘red algae’ this year. Will BioPond clear it up?2018-10-08T21:34:43-07:00

Yes, BioPond can clear the ‘red algae’ without harming your fish. Depending on how bad the algae is, you want to apply BioPond every three days until the condition in your tank gets better. Once it gets better, reduce the frequency to a weekly schedule.

Please note that since you have fish in your tank, mix BioPond in a cup with water first. If you apply BioPond directly into your tank, the fish will think it is food and eat it, thus, reducing the effectiveness of BioPond.

• Based on the size of the (pond/lake/reservoir/sewer), please provide the measurement (length, width, and depth) and throughputs (water input &water output) for us to determine the volume; allowing us to provide optimum results with our BioPond solution(s).
• Please provide the location, weather condition and current issues (i.e. odor smell, algae bloom, BOD, COD, NO2.

Does this eliminate ‘Duckweed’?2018-10-08T21:33:57-07:00

No, BioPond does not eliminate any aquatic plant life. However, it will keep it in check because this plant feed on nutrients in the water.  BioPond will reduce excess nutrients and thus keep an eco-balance environment of aquatic plant.

Does this deter mosquitoes from breeding?2018-10-08T21:32:54-07:00

Yes, the microbes will mitigate against mosquito larvae thus deter breeding.

I have a clear pond but can BioPond lower ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates.2018-10-08T21:31:58-07:00

Yes, BioPond can reduce excess nutrients in the water and help process the nitrogen cycle thus reducing the amount of ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates.

Do you need to continue to treat the pond in cold weather?2018-10-08T21:31:09-07:00

This depends on where you are located.  Rule of thumb is that you can stop treatment during the winter and the duration of sunlight are minimal and water temperature goes below 55°F degrees.

Is BioPond safe to use in a stock tank that dogs may drink from?2018-10-08T21:29:55-07:00


Does this get rid of ‘String Algae’?2018-10-08T21:29:17-07:00

Yes, the microbes in BioPond will target and reduce the excess nutrients, which are the source of string algae and therefore fix the problem directly at the source.
For further treatment information from ‘String Algae’, contact us directly at biopond@biopond.com

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